Immediate Analysis


(markets / fayres only)

No prints are taken and both hands are analysed with immediate feedback which takes about 30 minutes

Detailed Analysis


(+-5 page written report for distant consultations only)

Prints are taken of both hands and analysed which takes about 30 minutes, thereafter feedback takes about 30 minutes (1hr total).  Life School , Purpose and Lessons are discussed, as well as talents, careers, etc.  Your prints are your report.  (+-5 page written reports for distant clients is emailed and includes a 30 min Q&A session by phone/email or in person

Full Analysis


(full written report)

Prints and photographs are taken of both hands which taken about 15 minutes.  A detailed report is prepared which includes the identification of the finger print patterns, career and character associated with each print, Your Life School, Your Life Purpose and Your Life Lesson(s).  A fully comprehensive 20-30 page report is sent to you and includes a 60 minute Q&A session by phone/email or in person. This information can assist you to live your life’s passion.

Other Services

Create a Group

I will visit you when you arrange a group of interested friends, colleagues or having a function or party.  At parties no prints will be taken and each session will be 10-15 minutes.  Outside of Johannesburg : travelling and accommodation might be applicable.  Special discounted rates apply.  A family group may include a written report if requested

Long Distance

I will visit you in your area.  Invite a few interested friends or family and I will visit you at your home or area of choice. 

Option 1:  Special discounted rates apply for travelling distances outside of Gauteng borders.

Option 2: Arrange a workshop in your area where interested friends or a group can learn more about the use of Chirology.  Any Chirology topic can be presented at such a workshop.

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