If you have three clear lines on the Apollo mount at the root of the Apollo finger that are facing upward towards the finger then you are the owner of a Witch’s Fork.  This signifies talents, appreciation of the arts, success, happiness, love of beauty, creativity and self-expression.  This is a gift marking and signifies that your words express your truth and should be applied with caution, to uplift and promote yourself and others in your community and world.  Your words may drive others crazy if you talk non-stop.  With practice this gift can be used to harness the physical, mental and spiritual consciousness of the universe for the betterment of all.  Chirology and palmistry both validate these lines with the latter giving it it’s name.  It shows that your creativity is on three levels, physical, mental and chi (prana, spirit, energy) level and that you do what you say and say what you do.  Present on the hands of the doer, those who are hands on.  It’s a clear sign that you use your intuition (psychic) skills and abilities.  These owners may be day dreamers, make good story tellers and know how to put on the drama.  They need to have a good solid foundation and frame of reference else they may be prone to fantasies, yet fantasies are what inventions are based on.  Creativity, romantic and practical all in one box!

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