The Million Dollar Question – Will You Win The Lotto?

Silvana Smith, Chirologist, South Africa

21 March 2018

Last time we discussed health, wealth, love and happiness, and as promised here is the answer to that million dollar question, “will I win the Lotto?!”  Remember that song, money, money, money must be funny in a rich man’s world – well if you’ve got these lines it won’t be funny, you’ll be rich.  Did I say rich? I meant you’ll have a good probability of hitting the Lotto.

Here’s how to see if there is a probability:


  • do you have a star on the mount of Apollo,
  • a triad on the mount of Apollo, and
  • a star on the Saturn line



If you have all three of these marking and all three must be present at the same time, in the same hand, then you know you are going to hit it soon!  And here are some of the but’s.  If it’s in the passive hand, then you’ll have to wait awhile and hurry up manifesting it – more positive affirmations are needed so that it can show up in your active hand.  However, and there has to be a however, no one can tell for sure if it’s ten rand or ten million rand.  We’ll have to leave that up to the stars!

Remember that placing your money on the Lotto must be done in the spirit that it was intended – it’s just a game to collect money for Charity.  Don’t fork out all your hard earned cash and blow it on Quick Picks and remember that your Chirologist or Palmist cannot predict the amounts you will win either or there will be multiple wins.  Hey I know a few people who’ve won and don’t present any of these signs……

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