As Chirologist, every time I meet someone in my kind of business I know I’m going to learn something new or a new perspective on something old which I can share with you!

Kirsty Wright and I had coffee on 27 June 2018 where she shares her journey with me.  Her father’s a priest in the church where healing and channeling is common practice and aunts professing and giving messages to the community.  Having an ill son she started sending healing, later also for her other children with remarked improvement.  I find it hard to channel when people have resistance or when hide out of fear of judgement.  There can be loneliness in my profession when I don’t react the way my friends expect of me by sitting back and letting the course of event follow their path rather than intervening.  My soul purpose is to empower people, channel for them, encourage them and listen to them.  This could be my full time career as I love helping people and also do buy-outs and start ups of companies.  Corporate work can be shifting a block, moving energy for companies to get them up on their feet again.

Upcoming Channelers should not doubt themselves, allow the information to come through.  Over the next five years I want to increase my platform work with bigger groups.  Gordon Smith ( gave me much encouragement to work on a bigger platform and to put myself out there.  My messages are always personal to make the recipient feel loved.

During our exchange of services I was surprised to find out she uses Theta healing which was a first time experience for me, opening up blocked chakras and allowing the greater good to flow in.  The messages for me where about my current life and confirmed my obstacles, my choices and how I could over come some of the daily fear that many of us live with.  I’ll be sending some Chirology clients to experience this modality to get another understanding about themselves on their journey of “Master of My Destination”!

Contact Kirsty on or 084 447 9997 if you’d like to experience what channeling can do for you, connect to a loved one or simply just receive some healing.




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