On 29 August I set out to have a quick chat with Maureen Owen a homeopath from Benoni on what she does.  This quick chat turned into a two hour discussion on my health.  I was not surprised to hear what she had to say, but was surprised that it was all about me.  I pulled in my belt, pulled up my socks and have been glued to the information you gave me and google ever since.  As a trained Ethno Medicines Practitioner not much was new, yet this interview turned out to be all about me, what a shocker!  Maureen trained with Svet Bulatov and ….

I knew when I stated writing that this was not going to be a two hour job with some photo’s, I’d end up taking two weeks to put all together and spend the next months adding to my own body of works on Chirology, a form of Hand Reading that which Maureen opened me up to share with others relating to their health.


I did not only experience a health check up, I reconnected with my mother Audrey (Heldsinger) who dedicated over 40 years of service to her community, government and people.  She ran daily clinics from a Depot in Vasca to thousands around Cape Town living in squatter camps, people that few would even glance at, later the SPCA in Grassy Park where her voice could be heard across the town on their load hailer.

Maureen thank you, you touched not only my body, but mind and soul too!  May you heal and help those who cross your path so that they too may experience a better LIFE!

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