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The Founder

I was born with the hand prints and date-of-birth of the psychic, medium, and clairvoyant. I love life!  I’ve experienced it all, the entire cosmos, love and hate, sadness and joy, all nine emotions are mine!  Food of body, mind and soul it’s our pièce de résistance!

I have written no books, only a few articles, brochures and leaflets advertising my services and sharing information. I attend a monthly market around Johannesburg where I analyze hands for a nominal fee. I also do online readings. My collection of hand prints, many who are nameless, grows steadily. I hope to one day write a book, combining all human fields and systems including Chirology. I love to talk about and share ideas on Hands.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and hands are the windows to the “rhythm” of that soul. Just as the winds blow patterns in the sand, the cosmos blows patterns in our hands.

Founders Journey

Hand reading has fascinated me since childhood. I studied Chirology based on the elements, as well as traditional western and eastern palmistry, including medical research papers available at various Universities and Institutions. My life purpose is to guide and inspire others to master theirs – “Master of My Destination”. I am a registered Ethno Medicine/Psychology Practitioner (EPASA), Professional Herbalist/Healer (WCTHC), PhD in Metaphysical Science Univ Sed), Ayurvedic Formulations Applications in Clinical Practice Certification (HDC), Advanced Physiognomy Certification (FPSA), and Nat.Dip. Financial Management. My forte is understanding “currents.”

I have been practicing Yoga and Indian Philosophy most of my life hence it seems apt that I should find myself on the path of Skanda’s System (Murugan), the patron Hindu Deity of the Hand!   In 2006 I toured India, North and South and met with Sages, Rishi’s, Yogi’s, Astrologers, Palmists and the likes, that I sought out.  The Jaipur astrological centre is very interesting, but no mention was made of the others planets now found. 

Chirology as a science is ever evolving just as we discover more parts of the cosmos and ourselves.

My three basic tips: daily practice, keep good company, make yourself at home!

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